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"The psychologist was absolutely brilliant! Understanding and reassuring. What a difference she has made. Thank you!"
"It’s been such a help to the whole family and knowing you can always call for another appointment if things go wrong is such a huge relief."
"We have been to see the psychologist about my littley. She’s never met her but by helping us to help her, has made such an impact on her life."
"Kind, caring, supportive, knowledgeable - what more can I say!"
"We are very impressed by the speed at which this all happened. I rang The Children’s Rooms in a bit of a state about something that had happened at my child’s school. They got me the help needed within a few days and out of school hours. So grateful."
"Goodness knows what sort of a mess we would have been in without the help of the psychologist!"
“It was really lovely to be able to say ‘goodbye’ today to our psychologist. Hopefully any future communications will be just to keep her updated on my child’s continuing progress but it’s really reassuring to know she is there for us should we need it. Many thanks again to her. She is a very special lady and I’m so glad we found her.”
“It was nice meeting the psychologist and for the first time in a long time I saw my child looking happy and positive. Thank you.”
“We really appreciate all your help. We’d have been stuck without you.”
“We cannot stress how much of a positive impact the psychologist has had not only on our autistic son but also on the rest of our family.”
“Thanks to the psychologist for all her help. She should take a lot of credit for helping my child’s development.”
"The therapist was very good at developing trust and getting my son to open up. Extremely supportive during a very difficult time."
"Our therapist was extremely good at listening and responding to the changing circumstances and events our child was experiencing and adapting his therapy accordingly. I think you should provide more publicity where possible. We were looking for a service for 4-5 months before our GP suggested The Children’s Rooms."
"My therapist was very kind and was willing to let me come up with my own ideas about how to help me. She always listened to me."
"It helped my anxiety come down and that was helpful. It made me realise that my problems had to be dealt with in a kind and caring way and not in a bossy way."
"The attitude toward problem solving and listening to what I had to say were particularly helpful, it felt like a safe, trusting outlet where I was free to speak my mind."
"I want to say an enormous thank you for your kindness in phoning me yesterday. Your knowledge, experience and empathy shone through, helping me to understand more and stop stressing."
“She made my son feel very comfortable and relaxed straight away. This helped him to open up about his feelings. I found the different strategies to use with my child very helpful when dealing with his feelings later. We were very happy with everything at The Children’s Rooms.”
“The psychologist was very open and friendly. My daughter connected with her which helped her to open up about how she felt.”
“I can’t say thank you enough! What a difference this has made to our son and to our whole family. Life feels so much happier now. ”
"Quick first appointment. Good helpful sessions. Good resources."
"Knowing that I have someone to turn to with whom I can feel completely comfortable is a huge reassurance, and your sessions have helped me to find out a lot about myself – which I couldn’t have done unless you had made me feel so trusting toward you."
"Thank you for all your help. You have provided me with a confident, new lease of life which I will carry with me. "
"Everything was excellent – very professional. I had a very positive experience. "
"I can’t thank my counsellor enough for getting me out of the dark place I was in."
"The Rooms is excellent. Everything makes you feel at ease."
“I think sometimes people talking outside in the corridors was a bit distracting but overall I would thoroughly recommend the service to anyone.”
“I was completely happy with everything, including the speed. I rang and got an appointment within 2 days.”
“Just wanted to say thank you for providing such a worthwhile much needed service. It was of great benefit to me. ”
“I’m happier within myself now. ”
“I benefitted greatly from my sessions. My counsellor is very understanding but professional too.”
"The service is great. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming. I was made to feel at ease. Would recommend. "
"My psychologist probably saved my life. I could not have asked for anybody better. "
"Therapy has really exceeded my expectations. I was hesitant to go and it’s really changed my life and been the best thing I’ve ever done. "
"You couldn’t improve The Rooms in any way. It’s friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and adaptable to my responses and needs. "
"There’s nothing more to say than ‘thank you."